Rogue Trader: The Jordannen Dynasty

A Lucrative Discovery

We were pinned down out in the open. Yorke joined us on the ground. Yorke and Regis were both winged by shots and their void suits started leaking. Regis’s hand was frozen as a result of his suit leak. As a group we fled to the Righteous Path for safety and cover. Bravo squad joined us on the RP after we defeated the remainder of the ambush (they also bring our armor); head to the bridge. Sparkly dust covers everything. We all do a perception check and all fail. Set a glow globe on the lord captain’s chair. Attacked by a heavy bolter. Turns out there were 2 battle servitors in the bridge. Lady Ashe was also hiding in the shadows. 4 of the charlie squad are hit by the heavy bolters on the battle servitors and are vaporized. Regis shoots and hits one of the servitors, but it doesn’t do much damage. Quintilli is attacked by the woman psychicly and is telekinetically thrown against the bulkhead. He is wounded, but not down. Godwinne attacks the woman with his Las pistol, but she dodges. Yorke shoots at her too. He is blessed by the emperor and immolates her (41 damage). Yorke is almost hit by a heavy bolter round, but dodges. Still under attack from the two servitors. Regis disables one with a good shot from his inferno pistol. Everybody gangs up on the remaining servitor and Yorke finishes it off.

Slicers are able to get the mag locks in the ship opened and we found the treasure. Slicers are also able to retrieve the encrypted audio log of the captain of the RP. We then got distress call from the RV that they were under attack. Start heading back to the RV. Turns out the RV was attacked by Hadarak Fel and they took heavy losses, but they finally beat of Hadarak Fel, who escaped. The RV is heavily damaged, 20% crew losses.

We decide to head back to port to repair the ship, get Regis a new hand, and replenish our supplies.

+3 profit factor for plundering the RP
+2 PF for completing the Creed objective

Each PC gets 200 XP per session attended.
If you were present for the following objectives, then you get 50 XP for each:
Beat off the pirates, Penitant Traveler objective +50
Rescue the pilgrims and deliver them to Footfall objective +50 XP
Star Mirror objective +50 XP
Plunder the RP objective +50 XP

+150 XP for defeating Lady Ash

Plunder the Righteous Path – 1500 AP
Creed objective – 200 AP

+1350 XP


Nice write up, I intend to add more as time goes on here. Just need the time. We also need to get everyone signed up on here.

A Lucrative Discovery

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