Rogue Trader: The Jordannen Dynasty

Finding the Righteous Path

Leaving the maze, we ran into 4 orks
We setup an ambush and sent Jace ahead to lure the orks back
Orks attack furiously
Jace, Quinilli, Hector and the Alpha squad shoot at the orks with range weapons
When they get in range, Jarrion burns them with his flamer. Alpha squad takes serious losses. Jarrion is kit with a Choppa blow to the leg and blows out his kneecap.
Once the orks are subdued, we headed back to the Regina Victrix and headed out to the Shard Halo.
With the information from the Star Mirror, we quickly found the Righteous Path crashed on an icy asteroid. The wrecks of dozens of other ships liter the asteroid. We land as close as we can to the Righteous Path and start making our way towards it. We brought along the bravo squad, led by Seargent Malius, a slicer team and a group of tech priests. Jarrion stays behind in the med bay recuperating.

We are ambushed while out in the open by people in void suits with las rifles. Some of the rubble near us that the bravo squad took cover behind was also booby-trapped.
Quinilli falls prone for cover. After the first round, only 3 bravo squad, including Seargent Malius, 2 slicers, and 1 tech priest survive.



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