Rogue Trader: The Jordannen Dynasty

Into Winter's Heart

Magoros – last known realm the righteous path was known to be in (hundreds of years ago)

Travel to Magoros successfully
enter silent running
nobody else seems to be here
The flickering eye – Magoros’ star is a flickering pulsar
Magoros minor – like mercury
Magoros prime – dustchoked graveyard of xenos (egarrian dominion)
– choked with clouds of dust
– alien ruins
– one very large structure (looks like an eldar warp gate)
Magoros Secundus – Icy jungle moon, spore towers, cloaked in toxic fog
Shard Halo – asteroid field around the system

Investigating the large structure
– Egarian dominion, populous xenos domain
– walls, windblown sand, dry soil
– lowland deserts
– everything empty
– hive mazes
– survive on the surface for a few hours unprotected
– caustic air
– land with a small medical team, small tech team, small alha squad contingent
– bad electronic interference
– halfway through, hear vicious growls and gunfire
– ready melter, proceed cautiously
– see fight between orks and someone who looks like the lady who stole mnemolith originally, she has a cyber raven
– sneak past, enter the structure, find something called the star mirror
– as we enter the room with the star mirror, everybody has to make a WP check, Jarrion passed. Failures incurred insanity points.
– everybody but Jarrion look into the star mirror; another WP test, failures incurred additional insanity points; all who looked into the mirror saw where the Righteous Path crashed in the Shard Halo



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