Rogue Trader: The Jordannen Dynasty

Following the Thread

An Adeptus Arbites patrol arrives to investigate. The leader Targos questions us about the incident and asks us if we’re willing to come back to the police station and answer some more questions.

Astropath Transcendent goes to the police station to discuss the attack in PW. Ben deludes Precept-Marshall Kyra Valkyran and gets information from her. Turns out a rival trader, Hadarak Fel, may have been behind the attack. THe attckers were employed by the Fell dynasty. Orbest Dray recognizes the name and tells us Fel once worked contacts with his old captain, Karlorn. Maybe Fel knows about the Righteous Path and is trying to find it too.

Research assistant in the Administratum refers us to Magnate Scrivener Journ in the Chambers of Gold. Journ agrees to sell the Explorers a chart showing the system’s location, and furthermore offers to keep the matter confidential (a service he provides to all his clients) after we greased his palm. Jarrion, intent on fulfilling the mission of the ecclesiarchy, was not ok with the Magnate’s suggestion that we carry information the ecclesiarchy wants destroyed to a contact on Footfall. Magnate clammed up, so Jarrion burned some of his maps to try and remind him of the proper respect for the church.

Left Port Wander with the map. Entered the warp, but ran into a warp eddy. We decide to try to navigate through it, but the Void-Master and the Navigator are not completely successful.
Jarrion, Hector, and Jace failed willpower tests and faced the horrors of the warp. -10 to WS and BS for 1d5 days.

We drop out of the warp near the Battlefield. Receive a salvation signal from a disabled ship, the Penitant Traveler. The Astropath recieves worrying psychic energy emanating from the ship. Jarrion recognizes the ship as a pilgrimage vessel and wants to mout a rescue operation for the faithful survivors.

The cowardly bridge crew refuses to come along, so Jarrion heads to the ship with 10 competent armsmen to search for survivors. Upon reaching the bridge, the survivors claim that pirates attacked them. Jarrion tells this information to the shuttle pilot to relay back to the main ship.

200 creed achievement points for rescuing the pilgrims and dropping them at footfall

500 Achievement points towards plundering the righteous path



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