Rogue Trader: The Jordannen Dynasty

An Auspicious Beginning

Endeavor: Find the Righteous Path (1500 AP)
– 500 AP – Learn about the Righteous Path; Find information about its possible location. (Trait: Exploration)

Arrive at PW, receive coded message from somebody named Orbest Dray. He wants to meet with the Rogue Trader. We agree to meet, and he hands over a gene-locked stasis capsule with a astropathic mnemolith inside. Astropath Transcendent and the Navigator are able to perceive the information in the mnemolith, which is a distress call/possible location of a fabled treasure ship called the Righteous Path. We were then suddenly attacked by a woman with a cybernetic hawk and a bunch of toughs with good weapons and armor. At first, the battle seemed to be going badly as several team members were pinned by suppressive fire. Several civilians were caught in the crossfire. Quinilli Victus then unveiled his third eye and knocked everyone out except for the Rogue Trader. The Explorator managed to hit the hawk with a lucky shot before succumbing to fatigue. We killed all of the attackers except one, but got no usable information from the captive.



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