Rogue Trader: The Jordannen Dynasty

Frozen Reaches 5

+50 AP, knowledge of Ork anatomy for vivisectng Skullsplitta

Ben gets 50 extra XP for mindprobing Skullsplitta

Ben mindprobes the Ork, fails at 3rd level
- learns that there is some chaos taint, but not clear on the level
- he is afraid of disappointing someone, but we don’t know who

Talk to Gante
- send in 2 infantry battalions (15 STR each)
- 2 companies of mustered armsmen (15 STR each)
- 2 tank companies (29 STR each)
- 2 artillery units (20 STR each)

Ben mindprobes again
- learn a password “smash”
- learn that he has been talking to some sort of demon cow with a scythe

Dante leads stealth attack:
- makes it through to SNotgritz,
- seems like Dant is killed by a chaos psyker (tall figure in a cloak with a weird demon cow skull headdress
- Lose all both infantry battalions, both companies of armsmen, and both tank battalions

Our distress call has been answered, a team of Space Marines is on their way.



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