Rogue Trader: The Jordannen Dynasty

Frozen Reaches 5

+50 AP, knowledge of Ork anatomy for vivisectng Skullsplitta

Ben gets 50 extra XP for mindprobing Skullsplitta

Ben mindprobes the Ork, fails at 3rd level
- learns that there is some chaos taint, but not clear on the level
- he is afraid of disappointing someone, but we don’t know who

Talk to Gante
- send in 2 infantry battalions (15 STR each)
- 2 companies of mustered armsmen (15 STR each)
- 2 tank companies (29 STR each)
- 2 artillery units (20 STR each)

Ben mindprobes again
- learn a password “smash”
- learn that he has been talking to some sort of demon cow with a scythe

Dante leads stealth attack:
- makes it through to SNotgritz,
- seems like Dant is killed by a chaos psyker (tall figure in a cloak with a weird demon cow skull headdress
- Lose all both infantry battalions, both companies of armsmen, and both tank battalions

Our distress call has been answered, a team of Space Marines is on their way.

Frozen Reaches 4

Fight with Ork boss, Skullsplitta. Capture him by incapacitating him (blow off both of his legs with an Inferno Pistol).

Airlift out just in time with Skullsplitta.

50 AP for capturing the boss.

Regis and Aurellus are both critically injured.

Frozen Reaches 3

Demaris City Walls: Forge North
Attacked with a large force of infantry and vehicles, which is completely repelled. Lose 1 STR. Currently at 38.

Demaris City Walls: Plains West
Attacked with a large force of infantry, headed by a warlord with a large skull on his head; small dog shaped creature on 2 legs charging for the wall; Yorke snipes the small creature at long range with an amazing shot and it blows up spectacularly. Warlord calls for retreat. Lose 1 STR. Currently at 38.

Demaris City Walls: Sphinx East
Attacked by a large force headed by warlord SnotGritz. 3 war truckz; Quintilli instructs the artillery to target the war truckz, which are destroyed. The warboss retreats, but the army stays to fight on for several more hours. It is eventually repelled with light losses. Lose 1 STR. Currently at 61.

Demaris City Walls: Main South
Big nob with a hammer leading an infantry battalion attacks. Includes some rocket boyz. Jarrion inspires the troops to greater hatred of the greenskinz; normal losses (-1 STR, currently at 37)

Outer Industrial Infrastructure
Small force attack, but are repelled – normal losses (-1 STR, currently at 27)

Outer Planetary Infrastructure
Small force attack, but are repelled – normal losses (-1 STR, currently at 27)

Shards Forge: Outer
Small force attack, but are repelled – normal losses (no losses, currently at 50)

Levy Bunkers and Outpost: Outer
Commando force attacks, but their stealth generators fail during the attack. Sam sees them and they are repelled – normal losses (-2 STR, currently at 47)

Offensive Operations
Split into 3 companies
Godwinne leads an attack against a rock, destroys it with planted explosives – normal losses
Allessander leads attack against another rock, but is repelled by an unexpectedly force of orks, tanks are heavily damaged, but Allesander is able to repair some of the damage. -1 STR to each tank.
Storm troopers lose 5 STR, currently at 5
New STR = 78

Dan eats mushrooms while talking to the Ork leader; Ork eats human while talking to Dan;
Ork cruiser use some sort of xeno weapon. It seems to have malfunctioned and it causes massive damage to all vessels in space.
2d5 + 1 hull integrity damage to all vessels
Regina Victrix loses 6 hull integrity, currently at 21.

7 Rocks made it through the blockade
War Council called
- Lady Orleans wants to abandon the planet, losses are too heavy
- General Dant – that is not an option
- Many more rocks headed our way
- Sylvia Locke – the ork invasion is too organized. it seems like it is being controlled by some external force. We need to capture a warlord and interrogate it.
3 options, Warlord Snotgritz, Warlord Skullsplitta, Nob Hammersquish
Plan to trap Skullsplitta the next time he attacks the west walls. Move all RT command crew to lead the troops in this battle.
Move 2 companies of mustered armsmen from Shard Forge Outer to Walls Plains west.
New Plains West STR = 68
New Shards Forge Outer STR = 40
Yorke is still on the wall Plains West, all other command crew are with offensive operations
Yorke fails to shoot the warboss while he is charging the wall. Wall is breached by an explosion. (2 squigs)
Offensive operations comes in behind the orkz
Command crew runs into the fray.
Warboss attacks Dan, we all save him, and attack the warboss.
Yorke fires an amazing shot at the warboss with his archeotech las pistol, (36 dmg, Pen 2) and hits his left arm – no critical damage
Dan is hit with a particularly vicious blow from the warboss and suffers 1 critical rending damage to his head
Quintilli hurts one of the smaller orks with a direct shot to the head with his hell pistol
The ork counterattacks and seriously injures quintilli in the right arm.
Dan hits the warboss in the head with a nice shot from his digimelta
Yorke scores a critical hit to GallCrusha’s chest, knocking the air out of him and he gains a level of fatigue.
Quintilli uses his hell pistol to burn the leg of one of the smaller orks.
Godwinne is hit with a serious blow to the chest for 7 damage.
GallCrusha hits Jarrion with a fearsome rending attack causing 5 critical damage to his abdomen. Jarrion is now suffering 4 levels of fatigue and faints for 6 minutes.

Other notes:
Jarrion feels a forboding.
Godwinne hears through the vox that someone is attacking the forge, and it sounds like human on human combat.

A Lucrative Discovery

We were pinned down out in the open. Yorke joined us on the ground. Yorke and Regis were both winged by shots and their void suits started leaking. Regis’s hand was frozen as a result of his suit leak. As a group we fled to the Righteous Path for safety and cover. Bravo squad joined us on the RP after we defeated the remainder of the ambush (they also bring our armor); head to the bridge. Sparkly dust covers everything. We all do a perception check and all fail. Set a glow globe on the lord captain’s chair. Attacked by a heavy bolter. Turns out there were 2 battle servitors in the bridge. Lady Ashe was also hiding in the shadows. 4 of the charlie squad are hit by the heavy bolters on the battle servitors and are vaporized. Regis shoots and hits one of the servitors, but it doesn’t do much damage. Quintilli is attacked by the woman psychicly and is telekinetically thrown against the bulkhead. He is wounded, but not down. Godwinne attacks the woman with his Las pistol, but she dodges. Yorke shoots at her too. He is blessed by the emperor and immolates her (41 damage). Yorke is almost hit by a heavy bolter round, but dodges. Still under attack from the two servitors. Regis disables one with a good shot from his inferno pistol. Everybody gangs up on the remaining servitor and Yorke finishes it off.

Slicers are able to get the mag locks in the ship opened and we found the treasure. Slicers are also able to retrieve the encrypted audio log of the captain of the RP. We then got distress call from the RV that they were under attack. Start heading back to the RV. Turns out the RV was attacked by Hadarak Fel and they took heavy losses, but they finally beat of Hadarak Fel, who escaped. The RV is heavily damaged, 20% crew losses.

We decide to head back to port to repair the ship, get Regis a new hand, and replenish our supplies.

+3 profit factor for plundering the RP
+2 PF for completing the Creed objective

Each PC gets 200 XP per session attended.
If you were present for the following objectives, then you get 50 XP for each:
Beat off the pirates, Penitant Traveler objective +50
Rescue the pilgrims and deliver them to Footfall objective +50 XP
Star Mirror objective +50 XP
Plunder the RP objective +50 XP

+150 XP for defeating Lady Ash

Plunder the Righteous Path – 1500 AP
Creed objective – 200 AP

+1350 XP

Finding the Righteous Path

Leaving the maze, we ran into 4 orks
We setup an ambush and sent Jace ahead to lure the orks back
Orks attack furiously
Jace, Quinilli, Hector and the Alpha squad shoot at the orks with range weapons
When they get in range, Jarrion burns them with his flamer. Alpha squad takes serious losses. Jarrion is kit with a Choppa blow to the leg and blows out his kneecap.
Once the orks are subdued, we headed back to the Regina Victrix and headed out to the Shard Halo.
With the information from the Star Mirror, we quickly found the Righteous Path crashed on an icy asteroid. The wrecks of dozens of other ships liter the asteroid. We land as close as we can to the Righteous Path and start making our way towards it. We brought along the bravo squad, led by Seargent Malius, a slicer team and a group of tech priests. Jarrion stays behind in the med bay recuperating.

We are ambushed while out in the open by people in void suits with las rifles. Some of the rubble near us that the bravo squad took cover behind was also booby-trapped.
Quinilli falls prone for cover. After the first round, only 3 bravo squad, including Seargent Malius, 2 slicers, and 1 tech priest survive.

Into Winter's Heart

Magoros – last known realm the righteous path was known to be in (hundreds of years ago)

Travel to Magoros successfully
enter silent running
nobody else seems to be here
The flickering eye – Magoros’ star is a flickering pulsar
Magoros minor – like mercury
Magoros prime – dustchoked graveyard of xenos (egarrian dominion)
– choked with clouds of dust
– alien ruins
– one very large structure (looks like an eldar warp gate)
Magoros Secundus – Icy jungle moon, spore towers, cloaked in toxic fog
Shard Halo – asteroid field around the system

Investigating the large structure
– Egarian dominion, populous xenos domain
– walls, windblown sand, dry soil
– lowland deserts
– everything empty
– hive mazes
– survive on the surface for a few hours unprotected
– caustic air
– land with a small medical team, small tech team, small alha squad contingent
– bad electronic interference
– halfway through, hear vicious growls and gunfire
– ready melter, proceed cautiously
– see fight between orks and someone who looks like the lady who stole mnemolith originally, she has a cyber raven
– sneak past, enter the structure, find something called the star mirror
– as we enter the room with the star mirror, everybody has to make a WP check, Jarrion passed. Failures incurred insanity points.
– everybody but Jarrion look into the star mirror; another WP test, failures incurred additional insanity points; all who looked into the mirror saw where the Righteous Path crashed in the Shard Halo

Following the Thread

An Adeptus Arbites patrol arrives to investigate. The leader Targos questions us about the incident and asks us if we’re willing to come back to the police station and answer some more questions.

Astropath Transcendent goes to the police station to discuss the attack in PW. Ben deludes Precept-Marshall Kyra Valkyran and gets information from her. Turns out a rival trader, Hadarak Fel, may have been behind the attack. THe attckers were employed by the Fell dynasty. Orbest Dray recognizes the name and tells us Fel once worked contacts with his old captain, Karlorn. Maybe Fel knows about the Righteous Path and is trying to find it too.

Research assistant in the Administratum refers us to Magnate Scrivener Journ in the Chambers of Gold. Journ agrees to sell the Explorers a chart showing the system’s location, and furthermore offers to keep the matter confidential (a service he provides to all his clients) after we greased his palm. Jarrion, intent on fulfilling the mission of the ecclesiarchy, was not ok with the Magnate’s suggestion that we carry information the ecclesiarchy wants destroyed to a contact on Footfall. Magnate clammed up, so Jarrion burned some of his maps to try and remind him of the proper respect for the church.

Left Port Wander with the map. Entered the warp, but ran into a warp eddy. We decide to try to navigate through it, but the Void-Master and the Navigator are not completely successful.
Jarrion, Hector, and Jace failed willpower tests and faced the horrors of the warp. -10 to WS and BS for 1d5 days.

We drop out of the warp near the Battlefield. Receive a salvation signal from a disabled ship, the Penitant Traveler. The Astropath recieves worrying psychic energy emanating from the ship. Jarrion recognizes the ship as a pilgrimage vessel and wants to mout a rescue operation for the faithful survivors.

The cowardly bridge crew refuses to come along, so Jarrion heads to the ship with 10 competent armsmen to search for survivors. Upon reaching the bridge, the survivors claim that pirates attacked them. Jarrion tells this information to the shuttle pilot to relay back to the main ship.

200 creed achievement points for rescuing the pilgrims and dropping them at footfall

500 Achievement points towards plundering the righteous path

An Auspicious Beginning

Endeavor: Find the Righteous Path (1500 AP)
– 500 AP – Learn about the Righteous Path; Find information about its possible location. (Trait: Exploration)

Arrive at PW, receive coded message from somebody named Orbest Dray. He wants to meet with the Rogue Trader. We agree to meet, and he hands over a gene-locked stasis capsule with a astropathic mnemolith inside. Astropath Transcendent and the Navigator are able to perceive the information in the mnemolith, which is a distress call/possible location of a fabled treasure ship called the Righteous Path. We were then suddenly attacked by a woman with a cybernetic hawk and a bunch of toughs with good weapons and armor. At first, the battle seemed to be going badly as several team members were pinned by suppressive fire. Several civilians were caught in the crossfire. Quinilli Victus then unveiled his third eye and knocked everyone out except for the Rogue Trader. The Explorator managed to hit the hawk with a lucky shot before succumbing to fatigue. We killed all of the attackers except one, but got no usable information from the captive.


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